Past Wishes

First Wish


Our first wish was granted to a lovely young brave girl called Kat who wanted to go to Italy to visit her insprintial friend who also had the same type of cancer as her, here is a small extract from Kat.

"Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for granting not just one wish but two as Emma and I have wanted to meet each other for a very long time.  You all made that experience possible for us by arranging for my mum and me to go to Cortona and have lots of happy memories.

Edward would be very proud that you set up a trust in his honour helping teens who have to cope with cancer have a wish come true especially at such a difficult time in their lives" 


Trip to Oslo - Second Wish


We're very saddened to hear that Edd Gould lost his battle with cancer and sadly he has recently passsed away.

The Fishing4Wishes second wish was granted to Edd Gould, Fishing4Wishes were very pleased to have granted this wish for Edd and his friend, Matt.

"Well all i can say is i am glad i caught the last snow of the season in Oslo with Matt and my friend, and it was certainly a once in a lifetime experience. And Matt was very pleased with the hotel room!"

Edd Gould

Rachel's Wish

Rachel's wish was to visit a friend she met while having Chemo at the Royal Marsden hospital, her friend who also had the same cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma. Her friend came from Malta and she told Rachel about the lovely beaches and wonderful country it was. When her friend returned to Malta they kept in touch, so Rachel's wish was to meet up with her friend again and have some fun outside the hospital environment.

** Update **

Rachel had a check-up at the Royal Marsden last week - they are very pleased with her progress. Fingers always crossed.

A letter from Rachel

Dear Fishing 4 Wishes

Thank you for being so kind to me and my family. My brothers hadn’t been on a plane before and it was exciting to go abroad. The hotels were lovely, we had lots of fun in the pool and the people in Malta were friendly.

I got to see lots of interesting things with our guide, the driver and car meant I didn’t get so tired.

We went to the Island of Gozo where we saw glass making and blowing. There were ancient monuments and old cities and nice restaurants.

We met my friend and her family and spent lots of time together. We watched the Malta classic car road races which went past our hotel and the drivers stayed there so we got to see the cars in the garage.

On the holiday we took hundreds of pictures, there was so much to see. We will always remember this time.


A letter from Rachel's mum

Dear Fishing 4 wishes

It’s very hard to write about our holiday without saying ‘thank you’ over and over again. It was a wonderful experience and came at a time when I was so drained of energy that I would not have been able to make arrangements for a trip such as this.

From the moment we were contacted , it was fun and exciting, all Rachel had to do was say where she wanted to go. Fishing 4 Wishes took care to make contact with people and organisations to help make this a holiday of a lifetime.

The hotels were luxurious and we were treated like royalty, with a guide and transport to show us Malta in comfort.

We met up again with a maltese family we had befriended at the Royal Marsden and our stay went like a flash . It was so good to see them again, we had shared so many experiences as our children went through treatment and it was a dream come true to spend time together outside a hospital ward.

Their daughter is still very ill, but it was good experience for them as they were about to start more treatment and it took their minds off it.

The holiday reminded us that we could have fun together again,

Rachel's Mum




Simon's Wish

We were contacted by St. Peters hospital regarding a young patient they had who had been having a very difficult time. Simon was diagnoised with a brain tumour and had been having intensive treatment at the Royal Marsden, his treatment is so intensive that he was unable to fly or travel very far.

His wish was to see some bikini clad young ladies on the beach but as he could only travel within the UK, he chose a week in Torquay, the only week with rain, and the only birds he saw were seagulls and penguins! Still as you can see from the photos and letters, Simon and his family had a great time.

Simon is still receiving treatment and I hope to keep the trust updated with his progress.

Simon and Rocky the penguin
Simon and Rocky the penguin

Simon and the pirate
Simon and the pirate

A letter from Simon

Dear Lillian,

I really enjoyed our holiday to Torquy, loved the rainy weather, but no babes in bikinis. I loved the penguins the most as they make me smile.

Thanks for a great time.

A letter from Susan (Simons Mum)

Dear Lillian,

We all had a great time and went out every day somewhere different and had lots of laughs along the way. Simon continues to be well and has an MRI scan at Marsden on the 6th August.

The doctors are please with his reactions to the chemotherapy and we hope he stays stable for as long as possible.

I would like to thank you and Fishing 4 Wishes for giving us some quality time together as a family and for providing us with a much needed holiday - spending time together away from everything was great and we have lots of wonderful, priceless memories.

Very best wishes to you at Fishing 4 Wishes and a heartfelt thanks for everything.

Yours sincerely,
Susan Hayes

Jessica's Wish

Jessica with her iPad Mini and case, we are helping Jessica and her family have a much needed holiday in December.