Edward's Story

Edward Dominic Revill was born at Queen Charlotte’s Maternity Hospital on 9th October 1986. He was a very happy baby and adorable child. Edward attended St Edmund's Junior School in Whitton, Middlesex and was the fastest runner in the Richmond Borough Sports when he was 10. He was also a keen rugby player, playing for London Scottish Minis. Edward

Edward was first diagnosed with Bowel Cancer at 15 and was told of this on his 16th Birthday. He had major surgery 3 days after his birthday and was seriously ill for 3 months. After this, Edward went on to have 6 months of chemo while he attended St Paul's Secondary School gaining his GCSE's whilst undergoing his chemo on Fridays to avoid missing lessons.

Edward was then re-diagnosed on his 18th birthday and he was given more intense radiotherapy and chemo but this did not work. Edward was a fighter, he never gave up, he always had a smile on his face and was grateful to all the staff who helped treat him. Edward would be proud and happy to be able to give to other teenagers like himself, who go through so much and never complain. Edward always looked on the bright side of life.

In February 2005, we asked Edward where he would like to go if we could arrange it. He asked to go to Rome and the Vatican with his brother, Frank. We arranged this, with help from friends who are now Trustees of Edward’s charity and miraculously, Edward and his brother were even granted an audience with Pope John Paul II.

This trip was both fun and moving for Edward and Frank and was a great source of comfort at the time, and now, since Edward has passed away. It has inspired us to set up fishing4wishes and arrange trips or experiences for other teenagers with cancer.